International Protection Waterproofing

BS EN60529 covering Ingress Protection (IP Codes)

First Numeral covers protection of persons against solid objects

  1. Back of hand
  2. Finger
  3. 2.5mm tool
  4. 1.00mm tool
  5. Dust proof
  6. Dust tight

Second Numeral covers resistance to ingress of water

  1. Vertical dripping (e.g. Condensation)
  2. Dripping from direct sprays 15d from vertical
  3. Spraying from direct sprays of water up 60d from vertical
  4. Splashing from water in all directions
  5. Jetting from low pressure jets from all directions
  6. Powerful jetting protection
  7. Temporary immersion
  8. Continuous immersion


  • Exterior coach lanterns could be IP23 or IP24
  • Security lighting could be IP33 or IP44
  • Shower downlights could be IP44 or IP65
  • Pond submersible spots  IP68